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Our varied range of proposals

The following services are a part of our range of proposals:

  • Hospitalisation with or without surgery, also Day-Hospital
  • Large-scale surgical operations
  • Daily allowance for hospitalisation, convalescence and when incapacitated by plaster casts
  • Subsidies for death and permanent invalidity
  • Subsidies for lack of self-sufficiency (LTC)
  • High-level diagnostics - appointments with consultant physicians
  • Co-pay
  • Aid for stem cell preservation
  • Cancer check-ups
  • Cardiovascular check-ups
  • Food supplements and medical devices that are the result of research by the research company SBM – Science of Biology in Medicine (Respirell, Gadirel and Yttiogel), now produced and distributed by Health Pharma S.p.A.

Choice and quality

What characterises our mutual aid company is the breadth of recognised services though the subsidies designed to improve members’ quality of life, guaranteeing privileged access to treatment and services, through the provision of various types of support for the family in the event of need.

MBA has studied subsidies that differ based on specific needs, that members can adhere to individually or as a family group, including civil partnerships and cohabitants.

There no age limits and no medical history questionnaire for gaining access to subsidies.

Every day, MBA works to improve the subsidies and services provided to members, in order to guarantee the best social-healthcare aid for them, paying the utmost attention to new treatments, also in light of progress in medical and scientific research.

For this reason, MBA firmly believes in prevention and for years now has emphasised the social importance of it as the only tool for guaranteeing better wellbeing, not just economic, for the public. MBA provides its members with innovative services, such as: Personalised check-ups, micro and self-diagnosis system, dental prevention, eyesight checks, subsidised access to stem cell preservation.

Important services available to MBA members are economic support in the event of large-scale surgery, periods spent in hospital with or without surgery, diagnostics and appointments with specialists, co-pay reimbursements.

Much attention is paid to social subsidiarity: By means of specific subsidies, Mutua MBA provides aid in the event of lack of self-sufficiency, invalidity and serious illnesses. It promotes a correct lifestyle and supports family growth and member loyalty services.

Healthcare fund management
for your tranquillity

Mutua MBA manages funds, providing the staff, the Information Technology and operations required to manage the needs of the fund that decides to entrust itself to our skills and competence.

Also, MBA has set up a number of special internal funds for improved management of projects dedicated to specific categories of members. Each internal fund has a “Technical Committee” comprising representatives of all parties involved, and can also include (based on type) separate financial statement management.

One of these funds is “Cooperando”, the fund created according to the principle of article 87 of the national collective employment contract for social cooperation, that regulates additional healthcare aid for social cooperative workers.

We offer our aid services to thousands of workers in the commerce, tourism, metal working sectors and in cooperatives and the service industry, via some bilateral associations, in observance of the healthcare plan provided for by the relevant national collective employment contract (CCNL).

Partner structures

The list of partner structures is bound by enrolment of the user to the beneficiaries’ management portal.

Mediated Mutuality

With its solid, stable and state-of-the-art corporate structure, Mutua MBA is an interlocutor for relations with other mutual aid companies, through the establishment of “Mediated Mutuality”. Mediated management is based on the establishment of an association relationship between the receiving company (associated company) and another more structure mutual aid company with higher assets (associating company): due to the association relationship between the two companies, members of the associated company are beneficiaries of the services provided by the associating company.

To protect governance stability of the associated company and to protect the associating company’s economic stability, the people who are beneficiaries of the associating company are not members of the latter: they can however take part in the mutual aid exchange of the associating company, limited to their own contributions paid.
Generally speaking, it is hoped that there will be joint-participation of the associated company in the technical progress of mediated management and, more specifically, in the decisions regarding realignment of the resources provided within suitable margins in the event of any deficit, or improvement in services in the event of management profit, and that all foreseeable risk variables are considered, the setting aside and use of reserves related to the members of the same associated company.
Mediated management is also recognised for managing additional healthcare funds.

Our goal is
to take care of our members


The MBA card
For all our members

Convenient, fast and easy to use

The new MyMBA app is here: a convenient, fast and easy tool to use, that allows our health insurance company members to access all the services linked to their account or allowance directly from their smartphone or tablet.
Thanks to the new app, with it intuitive, practical interface, members will be guided step by step and with considerable time-saving, in all the services of the Mutua MBA world:

  • Manage subsidies linked to the member and his/her family
  • Manage paperwork and forward new reimbursement claim or acceptance
  • Consult the list of partner facilities in Italy
  • Manage personal information and the family group
  • Download the payment statements
  • Keep direct contact thanks to notifications and assistance service
  • Credentials must be entered when first accessed. Registration can be inside own reserved area

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Healthcare Funds

Healthcare funds are special types of assistance that guarantee benefits and particular reimbursements for healthcare costs in the event of illness or accidents, whether using the NHS or private healthcare centres.

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