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    We take care of our members even in difficult times.
    Help us to help you is not just a slogan, Mutual MBA is based on the values of mutual aid, interest in protection and collective growth. For this reason, in difficult moments we do not disappear, we remain alongside our members , with loyalty, helping them to find solutions for themselves and their family.

    Do you know that...

    Almost 15 million Italians benefit from some kind of complementary healthcare cover.
    Complementary healthcare cover is a type of protection that allows you to integrate and/or replace public services within the medical-healthcare services. Cover may be stipulated autonomously, be a part of the benefits that every company provides to its employees or come under the rights increasingly provided by National Collective Labour Contracts (CCNL), Additional Corporate Contracts and the regulations of Professional Lists.

    87% Out of pocket

    In Italy, people pay an average of approximately 600 Euro per year is spent on privately-purchased healthcare. This is, however, an underestimated sum, due to the fact that several people are forced to give up health treatment as their finances will not allow it. 87% of these expenses are not covered by the NHS.

    70% saving

    With Mutua MBA, you have the possibility of creating your complementary healthcare cover offer to suit your needs. You can freely choose the type of healthcare cover you need . No prior health check. You can activate your complementary healthcare cover with just a few clicks, managing to save up to 70% of normal healthcare expenses. In addition to many other advantages.

    +400.000 Clients

    There are more than 400,000 people who have already chosen MBA Mutua. It may be because of our widespread coverage of more than 4000 healthcare facilities and professionals throughout Italy; it may be because of our more than 3000 promoters and over 400 call center operators who provide all-round support for our clients; it may be because helping people stay well is our main goal.

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