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Our goal is to take care of our members.
The Banca delle Visite project

The "suspended coffee" that gives health

We are carrying out a very very important project: La Banca delle Visite. Help those who cannot afford a paid medical visit, those who cannot wait for the Public Health Service, those who need immediate care.
Here, with these objectives, the “Banca delle Visite“: was born: a web platform where supply and demand meet in a transparent and clear way. La Banca delle Visite, , thanks to donations from private citizens and companies, guarantees people and voluntary associations free access to specialist medical visits and health services. We take care of the ethics of the system, the control of applicants and the transparency of each single step.

Formello Health Project


NOTE: In the brochure you received (Health Project: reserved for residents of the city of Formello), “Reservations” was also included as a Central Health service.
We want to clarify with this note that the reservation must be made personally at one of the affiliated facilities; this to allow you to better manage your personal agenda of commitments.
All residents will be entitled to a discount from 10% to 30% on the services of affiliated healthcare facilities, and a telephone consultancy service to best assist them. The affiliated structures can be consulted on the website www.healthassistance.it and, soon, the structures attributable to the RMF/4 socio-health district will also be part of this widespread Italian health network.
Once registered you will receive the “Salus Card” directly at home which will entitle you to the benefits just described, but not only… You will have the possibility of joining a care plan for you and your entire family at absolutely advantageous costs, together with tax advantages equal to 19% of the amount paid.

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    HI Welfare FOR US


    Mutua MBA has always been in constant dedication towards its employees, the primary source of the life of the Company itself, and renews its attention towards the needs of work-life balance with a welfare plan in the company, of primary importance.
    Through a climate survey, the voices of employees were collected and re-elaborated and, at the beginning of 2016, MIO WELFARE took shape, the “people caring” program based entirely on corporate welfare which brings together services aimed at employees, with the inclusion of initiatives totally borne by the Company and others that require a partial contribution from the employee himself. In July 2019, Mio Welfare was replaced by HI Welfare FOR US.
    With the support of Health Italia, a leading company in the world of Flexible Benefits, we offer our employees a range of welfare offers, which can be summarized as: My participation, My well-being, My free time and My growth.



    Well being

    Free time


    MBA insights

    The idea of a series of e-books on the topic of health, in a historical period in which the use of information and notions has become more rapid and accessible than ever, was born not only from the need to disseminate, for which the web tool traditional would already be suitable, but from that of rooting in the readers’ memory some key principles on which it is essential that the very idea of “health” is based.