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Mutua MBA is the largest Italian health mutual by number of assisted and works to defend the right to health and well-being of people throughout the life of each individual.

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Mutua MBA is the largest health mutual in Italy by number of assisted, offers medical services at subsidized costs and promotes health in every area of life.

Non-profit organization that works to guarantee correct and fast access to information and early diagnosis, welcoming people of all ages, professions, whatever their state of health or clinical history, without any distinction.

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Mutua MBA always takes care of its clients, even in difficult moments of life.

Mutuality towards state companies

Mutua MBA manages the healthcare of large companies companies 100% owned by the State. We are proud to represent Mutuality and healthcare towards “state” companies.

Società Generale d'Informatica SpA - is the 100% Information Technology company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance which offers services and technologies to the main national Ministries, Agencies and Departments.

Consip is the purchasing center of the Italian public administration, a joint-stock company, 100% owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Italian government, which exclusively serves the Public Administration.

Mutual aid societies yesterday and today

The museum layout has been designed to offer the visitor a complete and exhaustive picture of the history of mutual aid societies. The route opens with information panels that tell, in a chronological sequence, the phenomenon of mutualism. A narrative that follows in parallel the political events and the most significant characters of over two centuries of Italian history.

Care of associates in every moment of life

Mutua MBA has chosen to operate in full compliance with the mutualistic principle positioning itself as the main player in Italy for the dissemination of health culture and a correct lifestyle.

Social responsability

Each action has the objective of defending the right to health and well-being of people, committing itself to guaranteeing this right throughout the life of every single member and client.

Corporate welfare

Mutua MBA has always been constantly dedicated to its employees and renews its attention to the needs of work-life balance with company welfare plans.

My MBA App

A convenient, fast and easy-to-use tool that allows members of our Mutual Aid Society to access all the services related to their health coverage.

Online practices

Mutua MBA relies on a Service Provider to manage reimbursement procedures. In this way the member has the opportunity to manage their position in peace and autonomy.

Are you looking for health coverage suited to your needs?

Mutua MBA offers a wide variety of supplementary health plans, for all ages and needs.


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    A medical visit can change your life, together we give health

    Mutua MBA supports the Banca delle Visite, project, the solidarity project that applies the concept of “suspended coffee” in the healthcare sector by making visits and healthcare services available for those most in need instead of coffee.

    From this happy intuition the Banca delle Visite, Bank was born, active throughout Italy with a solidarity circuit to donate medical visits and diagnostic tests to those who cannot afford the costs of private visits or wait for the, unfortunately often long, times of the National Health System..

    If you need a medical visit or want to help someone with a donation, enter the world of solidarity at Banca delle Visite.

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    Our services valued for consumers

    The German Institute for Quality and Finance (ITQF) is a European leader in quality tests and seals and conducts market research aimed at analyzing the economic and qualitative aspect aspect of companies in various sectors, including banking, insurance and utilities.

    It makes use of qualified researchers and partners, statistical centers and universities with the highest scientific standards. Through this recognition, Mutua MBA intends to demonstrate its excellence and passion for every activity carried out for its members, renewing their trust on a daily basis.

    Quality and excellence

    MutuaMBA has also obtained this year, as in previous years, recognition as TOP SERVICE in the Mutual Aid Society sector among the best companies in all of Italy.

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    MyMBA is a convenient, fast and easy-to-use tool that allows members of the Mutual Aid Society to access all the services related to their benefit.

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