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Mutua MBA is the largest health insurance company in Italy by number of assisted, it offers medical services at subsidized costs and promotes health in every area of life.

Mutua MBA, the Mutual Aid Society created to disseminate mutualistic culture and principles in Italy

Mutua MBA is a mutual aid company and non-profit institution, established in accordance with Law No. 3818 of 15 April 1886. A non-profit organization, which has chosen to operate in full compliance with the mutual principle, placing itself as the main actor in Italy for the dissemination of culture and mutualistic principles, while promoting health and a correct lifestyle.
For this noble and necessary activity in our country, Mutua MBA makes use of its own members, who, after having undergone specific training, become mutual promoters among the community, allowing Mutua MBA to expand its membership base, guaranteeing the exchange mutualistic and the continuous increase of the share capital for the benefit of its members.

Activity disbursements

Protecting one’s own health and that of family members by guaranteeing coverage suited to specific needs and protection in the event of illness or disability.

In particular, pursuant to art. 23 of Legislative Decree 18 October 2012 n. 179, Mutua MBA provides the following activities to its members and clients:

Guarantee privileged access to care and support for families.

Mutua MBA,which in the early years was mainly aimed at individual citizens, has expanded its pmembership base, increasingly receiving the appreciation of associations, institutions and companies, which have chosen it to guarantee their members and employees health plans advantageous and effective, identifying a single partner capable of providing information aimed at raising awareness towards prevention, the country’s first health indicator.
In just a few years, Mutua MBA,has recorded an exponential increase in its members and has strengthened its presence in the supplementary healthcare sector, today becoming the largest Italian Mutua in terms of number of clients.

400.000 +


8.500 +

Health agreements

1.500 +

Promoting members

Transparency and responsibility with respect for members

Provide assistance to its members in every situation, whether in an emergency or in everyday life.


Thanks to a modern and well-tested management system, members are guaranteed correct and fast access to information and early diagnosis, a real sore point of the NHS. Mutua MBA is a non-profit organization regulated by legislation based on the law of 15 April 1886 n°3818.
They welcome people of all ages, professions and whatever their state of health or medical history without distinction. MBA’s promoting members, over 1.500 throughout the country, provide information on health subsidies and spread the culture of mutuality alongside that of prevention. MBA, in line with its mission, supporting the non-profit Onlus Banca delle Visite.

Non-profit nature

Our mutual aid society pursues objectives of general interest, based on the constitutional principle of subsidiarity. It carries out activities for the benefit of its members and clients, to whom it guarantees not the achievement of a patrimonial or financial profit, but the coverage of certain personal and economic needs in the health, social-health and welfare fields.
Mutua MBA cannot attribute operating surpluses to members: the mutual margin is prudentially set aside as a reserve fund to deal with any greater costs in the interest of the associated community, thus contributing to the consolidation of the assets to be passed down to future generations.

Centralità del socio

The centrality of the shareholder and respect for human dignity, democratic participation in decisions, transparency and control, social responsibility and behavioral ethics, the awareness that derives from communication and information are the pillars on which our daily action is based.
Article 32 of the Italian Constitution defines health as “fundamental right of the individual and interest of the community” . The objective of MBA is to pursue the constitutional dictate, bringing this right back to the center of every individual’s life.
Mutua MBA operates in full compliance with the mutualistic principle, offering every citizen the opportunity to experience the association activity, without any discrimination based on age, sex or work activity.

It is aimed both at families, through voluntary membership, and at workers, through company membership. It can therefore be accessed through the application of a collective agreement, or on one’s own free initiative.

Our history

Between the evolution of the company in the mutualistic world and detailed historiography the important events in our company.

Organization chart

We believe in maximum transparency, discover the institutional organizational chart of Mutua MBA, a way to update all members on corporate developments.

Transparency for members

Members represent the foundation of every mutual aid society and are an expression of the values and principles of each activity.


A large part of the structure is dedicated to companies operating in the healthcare world. The headquarters are in Formello inside the Palasalute.

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